Action for Protection of Wild Animals (APOWA) is a 22 years old not for profit organization dedicating on welfare of animals, protecting wildlife, especially endangered species and their habitats in the state of Odisha, India. We are strengthening and helping vulnerable communities become more resilient to the impacts of climate change induced natural disasters.


Our Core Values : The following values define how we act, they hold us accountable and they drive our decision making.

  1. Transparency- We value honest, accountability, transparency and professional responsibility.

  2. Integrity- We upholds trust and confidence of others in us.

  3. Respectful- We are respect others.

  4. Commitment- We are committed to our work.

  5. Participation- Participatory approach for decision making and project implementation.

  6. Team Work and Collaboration-We work as a team & collaborate with other partners, stakeholders.  

  7. Practicality-Our words and actions are consistently congruent.

  8. Innovation- We constantly pursue new ideas, technology & creative solutions.

  9. Empower- Empowering local communities to a sustainable future.

  10. Community Managed Extension Mechanisms - Building and sustaining community based groups and transferring decision-making responsibilities.  


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