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Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR)

Climate change is now universally recognized as a significant global environmental challenges. We stand at a crossroad and critical moment, a time when humankind must choose its future. The coastal state of Odisha has become a ground zero for disasters. Communities and their sources of livelihoods have been dismantled and destroyed by an unholy mix of these disasters.Aptly described as ‘Climate’s First Orphans,’ the communities of these areas have been left to fend for themselves in these hostile and uncertain conditions. The combined effects of sea-level rise, increased frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones, storm surges, soil erosion, and salinity intrusion pose a serious threat. Over the years we have been working on Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction programme in disaster prone villages.


Disaster Management

APOWA has been at the forefront of providing emergency relief, rescue and rehabilitation support to the victims of any disasters in the coastal parts of Odisha during last 20 years.  We focus on saving lives and livelihoods, providing relief and thus assisting the most vulnerable groups in this poor region of the country. The rescue and response teams have been formed and trained with first aid and search & rescue skills. The volunteers identified from each area have been lead to complete the assignment during the disasters.

- 1999 Super Cyclone work

-2001, 2003 Flood rescue, relief and rehabilitation work

- 2006 and 2007 Flood relief

-2008 Flood rescue and relief

- 2009 Tornado Relief and Rescue works

-2011 Flood

-2013 Cyclone Phailin and Flood Response

-2018 Cyclone Titili and Flood Response

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