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Animal Welfare

Caring animals in distress with all protection having given to them opens of the starting point of the big race we have been in. We determined to make sure that vulnerable animals have a better life now through free treatment; food, shelter and cruelty free a happier future.


Shelter House for Animals in Distress

The injured, sick animals are given treatment in the spot whereas the serious animals are rehabilitating in our shelter house, which spreads over 2 acres of land.


Mobile Veterinary Services and Education on Animal Welfare in Rural Areas

Poverty, illiteracy, lack of awareness of farmers, absence of veterinary services and veterinary doctors in rural areas, the farmers render their animals vulnerable to various fatal diseases. Our Mobile Veterinary Services (MVS) project is a life saving initiative for the farm animals and boon for the small farmers in rural areas of Odisha state, where veterinary services are meagre.  We have been reaching thousands animals through our project intervention. We have been establishing and strenghtening  community based Animal Welfare Groups (AWG) in all target villages and sustains community managed practical animal welfare programme in grassroots level for long-term improvement of the health status of animals.


Promoting Practical Animal Welfare in Grassroots Level

We have been constituting community led Animal Welfare Groups (AWG) in each villages and equipped them with first aid training as well as first aid kits for sustainable running of First Aid system and sustains community managed practical animal welfare programme for long-term improvement of the health of animals. Each animal welfare groups in rural villages have been managing quickly on first aid treatment of their animals in firsthand.


Changing Attitude and Practices

APOWA’s farmer’s education programme and working directly with farmers to enhance their knowledge and attitude & behavior changes about the welfare and basic needs of animals —like proper food, clean water, shelter, adequate rest periods, avoid cruelty.  


Saving Stray Animals

Stray animals like bull and dogs are commonly abandoned in the street and their lives are so horrible and vulnerable. Many of them spend their life without shelter, food and vet care. So we are providing service to these animals, which are injured, wounded, or disease affected in the spot as well as in our shelter.    

Kindness Kids Programme

School is a campus which forms the vision of tomorrow. We are inculcating kindness, human values, non-violence, and ahimsa at early school days, where the mind of the child is highly impressionable. Our mission is to foster kindness & respect for all living beings & protection of environment by involving children & teachers. This is an activity- oriented programme and it has proved successful in changing the attitude of the student community on positive lines. 

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