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Thousands of species are threatened to become extinct in near future. We are focusing on species that have endangered today.The survival of wildlife has always been a priority for APOWA and great strides have been made to protect the habitats and remaining populations of these species. In Odisha, the loss of wildlife habitat is a huge impact on our ecosystem.


Olive Ridley Conservation Project

Olive Ridleys, considered a top conservation priority as it is an endangered and ecologically important species. Olive Ridleys are vital to the health of marine ecosystems. While the Olive Ridley turtle is the most abundant of its species, only 1 in 1000 hatchlings survives to adulthood.  Odisha coast is highly vulnerable today for several factors including anthropogenic activities such as unregulated fishing, pollution, poaching, habitat loss etc.  In order to aid the conservation of the Olive Ridleys, we have been undertaken several steps through community conservation initiative in non-protected nesting beaches of Odisha.

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