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Cyclone Fani Appeal


Helpless Animals Need Your Support to Survive



Cyclone Fani, an extremely severe and one of the worst tropical cyclone in 20 years hit Odisha coast near Puri on 3rd May, caused huge trail of devastation.  Around 16 million people and 9 million animals are severely affected on it’s path in Odisha. So far 64 no. of human casualty and 4 million animals’ casualties have been reported by Govt. People have lost their homes, assets, livelihoods and struggling for food, water, shelter for themselves, it is very hard time for looking after their animals. The misery of animals’ especially stray dogs, cats, bull etc. are awful. Many farm and working animals have lost their shelter and struggling for food, water, shelter, medical care and remain in danger in remote villages. Many animals with poor health, weakness have been made worse by the stress and trauma resulting from the storm. Cyclone’s toxic, contaminated waters leave animals   particularly susceptible to long-term diseases. Many have open wounds and contact injuries from the disaster itself pose major public health risks.  Untreated, uncared or without food of these survive animals, these can lead to many thousands of deaths. Time is running out to save them.


While humanitarian agencies working for saving people’ lives but no one giving priority for animals, which are neglected and highly vulnerable aftermath of cyclone. We have been providing lifesaving help to survived animals and helping the poor people which relies on them in the worst-affected areas. We have been treating   injured dogs, cats, cows, bullock, horse, goats, buffaloes and other animals as well as conducting emergency feeding and improving shelters for animals. We have been try to reach and save as many animals as we can before deadly disease spreads. Let’s work together to restore life of helpless animals survive from this precarious situation. Learn more about work here:


APOWA is reaching out to 50,000 survived animals like dogs, cats, bull, cow, bullock, horse, buffaloes, goat and other animals across the worst    affected areas in Odisha,  providing food, water, vet care and temporary shelter!

Temporary Shelter : Provide to homeless farm and working animals and helping poor farmer , who relies on them

Veterinary Care Provide to injured, weak companion, farm and working   animals

Emergency Feeding  To affected dogs, cats, bulls, cow, bullock, buffaloes, horse , goat and other animals


APOWA’s Response

Time is running out, we are in need of emergency help to save as many animals as possible.  Please make an urgent donation for lifesaving food, vet medicine, temporary shelter for animals.

For more information:-

Mr Bijaya Kumar Kabi, Director

Mob-09437439946, E-mail- , Facebook page

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